Too much travel!

Apr 25 2007 Published by under Rant

Truth to be told, I'm not a gigantic fan of traveling. It can be entertaining and enriching sometimes, but too much travel all at once leaves me pining for home....

At the beginning of April, I went on a 3-day trip to the University of Missouri at Rolla, where I gave a Shapley lecture. Then, for 10 days, I made a trip to CTIO in Chile for a 7-day observing run. (It takes 10 days because of the travel time involved.) Currently, I'm in Greenville, NC, where I'm giving another Shapley lecture (including talks to three high schools, a departmental colloquium, and a public talk). I get back, and then in the middle of next week I leave for Tucson, AZ, for the meeting of the NOAO Time Allocation Committee.


Don't get me wrong, the Shapley lectures can be very rewarding, and I had a good run in Chile (5/7 clear nights, lots of should-be-good data). I've always gotten a particular charge out of giving public lectures, which is why I jumped at the opportunity of becoming a Shapley lecturer when it was offered to me. However, I feel like I've barely been home in April, and after a while it starts to wear one out. Indeed, even before all of it started, I was busy making sure all my ducks were in a row getting ready for all of the travel.

Hopefully, come May, I'll be keeping up a somewhat more regular blogging schedule!

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