The world's nerdiest mug

May 17 2007 Published by under Nerdism

It's all the rage to post pictures of your mug. (A mug mug, as it were.) I have lots of mugs, but I figured that this is the one that best fits the theme. This is one painted by... me. My wife and I, several months ago, went to one of those "paint your own" pottery places, and this was what I produced.


On the left, you see the cartoon model of an AGN (active galactic nucleus). There's the black hole and accretion disk at the center, from which are launched relativistic jets. Around the black hole is a dusty, obscuring torus. The same cartoon made by me on a computer can be seen on this page. On the right is a barred spiral galaxy, inspired by NGC 1365. Smaller and just off the edge to the right is something that's supposed to look like the Antennae, and I've given not-NGC 1365 an irregular companion. (The real NGC 1365 has no such companion.)

Of course, it being me, I also put something on the bottom of the mug:


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  • matthew says:

    the bottom of your mug is priceless...
    Those places are great to make gifts for loved ones. I made a business card holder for my sister and with the artistic talent of a 5 year old, I painted on a horse in a field with a smiling sun. And on the bottom I wrote my name and age... 23 at the time. It was really funny if I do say to myself.

  • Pat Durrell says:

    Very cool - nicely done! Of course, the message on the bottom does not help much of you have a `drinking problem' (see Airplane!)