Jun 14 2007 Published by under Nerdism

This weekend I will be hanging out at Hypericon, a small Nashville science-fiction convention that is in its third years. I've met a number of people and made local friends there. I have also managed to finagle myself free admission by doing work in kind....

I'll be giving two talks:

  • Why "Was Einstein Wrong?" Is the Wrong Question
  • Newtonian Physics in Science Fiction Movies and TV: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I"m also going to be on a panel where the panelists each list their top 10 favorite science fiction movies (excluding the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Matrix movies), and an argument ensues. A friend of mine who's been to a whole lot more science fiction conventions that I say that most panel discussions are this anyway, so this one has the brilliance of being titled honestly.

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