Second Life Q&A on the Accelerating Universe

Following the talk I gave in Second Life about the discovery of the accelerating Universe, we held a couple of Q&A sessions. The original plan was to have questions right after the talk, but the Second Life main grid crashed right at that moment. We all got online about half an hour later, and I held one Q&A session for the people who came back. There was another one the next day.

Troy McLuhan (his Second Life avatar name) logged the session, and has done the hard work of formatting and lightly editing it for web publication. You can find the transcript of the Q&A session online here.

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  • Well done, Rob Knop. And good transcribing, Troy McLuhan.
    I read it all, both as a former Adjunct prtofessor of Astronomy, and someone who's recently taught energetic highschoolers. It reminded me of caltech symposia for the public, or for families of alumni, where I know all the content, but appreciate the clarity of exposition, the good teaching, and the feedback from the audience.
    Kudos all around.

  • Quasar9 says:

    Interesting reading (still on going)
    [10:18] ToolsRMe Shan: So as the galaxies move further and faster apart, at some point they will exceed the speed of light. At some point in the distant future, our galaxy will be alone. Is that current theory still?
    [10:18] Prospero Frobozz: ToolsRMe Shan: sort of.
    [10:18] Prospero Frobozz: In fact, it