Off to VCON this weekend, talking about Newton's Laws in TV and movies

This weekend I'm going to be off hanging out at VCON 35, a science fiction convention in Vancouver. As has been the case with science fiction conventions I've gone to in the past, I'll be giving a talk about something science-related. (Yes, I wasted no time finding a geek convention to talk at after arriving up here in Canada! In fact, truth to tell, it was during the afterglow of Hypericon last year that I searched around to see what might be going on where I was about to move to, found VCON, and volunteered to give a talk.)

The talk I'll be giving is a slightly modified version of one I gave at Hypericon a couple of years ago: Newton's Laws in Science Fiction Movies and TV: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I'm also going to be on a couple of other panels (presumably with other people).

Monday, it's back to the Energy & Matter course I'm teaching this block— and grading, since there's an assignment due Monday! (So if you're a student in the class, get to work! There's a wiki page to write....)

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