Paul Demorest has a tribble!!!

Paul Demorest, a Jansky Fellow at the National Radio Astronomical Observatory, was in the news two weeks ago because he and collaborators measured the mass of a neutron star, and found it to be twice the mass of the Sun... which is more massive than some models said they should be.

However, there's something else very significant about this, as evidenced by this photo:

Paul Demorest has a tribble!!!!!!

You can see for yourself if you go to the NRAO press release and watch the first movie there.

(More about actual science later; indeed, on November 20, I'll be giving a popular talk in Second Life for MICA all about neutron stars and such.)

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  • Bau Ur says:

    I can't get the video to load ("it is not a format that Quicktime Player understands", the error message informs me) but I think this is not a tribble. It appears to be a microphone muff. Furry covers like this are sometimes used on microphones in windy outdoor environments because they cut off the force of wind to the microphone without deadening voice much. They are also called "dead cats". "Tribble" would be a much happier, much preferable name.

  • rknop says:

    Yes, it is the top of a microphone-- other frames of the video make that more obvious. But, I thought it was a particularly fluffy microphone top, and this clip does make it look like he's got a tribble. It struck me, and it was easy to post, unlike blog posts that require actual *thought*.

    (Any time I had for actual thought outside teaching my classes during the fall went towards either my 365 Days of Astronomy podcasts, or my SL talks... I was a busy little

  • Bau Ur says:

    Yes, and as one of the many people who have benefitted from your energy and generosity, thanks!