"More Things in Heaven and Earth" -- the interaction of physics and astronomy

365 Days of Astronomy is a daily podcast about astronomy, entirely recorded by volunteers. The topics are all over the place; some are about amateur astronomy, some are about the history of astronomy, some are about recent discoveries in astronomy. I've done a number of these over the last couple of years, and am doing more this year.

I recorded today's podcast— and, if I am to be perfectly honest, I have to admit I recorded yesterday, way after when I was supposed to get it in. The topic is the interaction between fundamental physics and astronomy. I talk a little about ancient physics, where the realm outside the sky and the Earth were viewed to be separate realms. Newton's universal gravitation unified those two realms. Some chemical elements were discovered originally in astronomical objects, and it was from observations of astronomical objects that we learned about neutrino oscillations.

You can check out today's entry if you want to hear more.

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