Vote for me in the "American Gods" audiobook contest!

Bookperk is holding a contest/open audition for a small speaking role in an upcoming audiobook of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. (That book, by the way, won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, and I can recommend it as quite a good read.) Fancying myself something of an amateur actor (most recently in Second Life), and a regular podcaster on "365 Days of Astronomy", I figured I should audition for this.

The deal is that they're going to listen to the top 20 vote-getters, and decide based on the audition recordings. So, please, vote for me, and tell all your friends to vote for me! If I can get into the top 20, then it will just depend on how my recording stacks up compared to the others. If not... well, then it doesn't matter. Follow this link to vote for me.

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