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"Galaxies in Collision" : public online talk today at 10:00AM PDT

As of this writing, in just over an hour I'll be giving a talk in Second Life on the topic "Galaxies in Collision".

Second Life is an online virtual world. Basic accounts in Second Life are free. I regularly give these talks as a part of MICA, the Meta-Institution of Computational Astronomy. Most Saturday mornings at 10AM pacific time (17:00 UT if we're during Daylight Savings), MICA has a public outreach astronomy talk. (However, like many academic institutions, we tend to slow down and get spotty over the summer.)

This talk will be at the MICA Large Amphitheater.

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White Guys In Space

May 05 2011 Published by under Culture, Random & Gratuitous

Perhaps I've been oversensitized, but that was my thought upon seeing this (admittedly very cool and fun riff on the Star Trek poster) mission poster for the last Endeavour shuttle mission from NASA:

Click to go to the NASA site where you can get a full-resolution version

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Quest University Canada, Class of 2011

May 01 2011 Published by under Quest University Canada

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