Off to VCON36

This weekend (Sep 30 - Oct 2) I'm heading off to VCON 36, a science fiction convention in Vancouver, BC. I'm going to be sitting on several panels (including one on digital art, one on podcasting, one on games, and one on "messy science"), and I'll be giving two talks:

  • "The Science Behind Larry Niven's Neutron Star". Larry Niven is the guest of honor, so I figured that this would be a good topic. I'll talk about what neutron stars are, and also about tidal forces (oops, I just spoiled the story for you... it's still worth reading!). This short story is one I discovered in a used bookstore back in the early years of grad school (early 1990's), and it started me on a kick of reading all of Niven's "Known Space" stories.
  • "Constructing a Space Combat Game Consistent with Newton's Laws". Last year I talked about Newton's Laws in science fiction movies and TV. This year, it's with a miniatures boardgame.

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  • Jeff Bary says:

    Hi Rob,

    This is a response to the most recent post, but since comments are turned off, I'll leave this here.

    Congratulations on earning a Nobel, even if your name is not directly associated with the prize. Those of us that know you, know what an important role you played in this discovery. I see this as prize as recognition for your hard work and an honor you should revel in, even if your name is not directly connected to the prize.

    Hope you are smiling.


  • Bert Ahern says:

    Amen to Jeff's comment from a proud father-in-law!