"Whence Supernovae" : online talk on Saturday March 3

At 10AM PST (18:00 UT), I will be giving a talk in Second Life entitled "Whence Supernovae?" This is an update to a talk I gave with the same title back in September 2010. I'll go over some of the same groundwork, but will also share some of the latest results that have only come out in papers in the last couple of months.

The topic is Type Ia supernovae. These are the type of supernovae that were used to discover that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. However, even now, we aren't completely sure just where these supernovae come from. We know a lot, and indeed just within the last half year we've come to know a lot more, but some questions remain.

Remember that a Second Life account is free! For more information about the talk (including the location in Second Life), visit the MICA website, and particularly the Upcoming Public Events page.

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