Blog Moving

Feb 13 2014 Published by under About the Blog

I'm on the road for four days, so I may not manage to complete this in time. However, my blog is moving. I don't know exactly where it will land, but I will certainly link to it from Hopefully I will still have access to this blog here in order to be able to post a link to the new site, but that's not assured.

There is some nasty politics in the back end of There is one person (the one responsible for the last couple of days of downtime we had) who maintains control of the domain name despite the fact that this has repeatedly caused demonstrable problems for the site, and a couple of other flat disrespectful folks who make this a community I no longer want to be a part of. So, off I go.

Update: I've just registered There's nothing there yet, but that's where this site will land.

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