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Grumpy Cat Plays Scrabble

Jul 14 2013 Published by under Gratuitous, Kitties!, Random & Gratuitous


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My reaction (as student & teacher) to "let's have class outside!"


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I was put on this Earth as a warning to others

Feb 27 2011 Published by under Gratuitous, Random & Gratuitous

Friday morning, while flossing my teeth, I had intended to tweet about it.

Fortunately, I got caught up thereafter with things like making my lunch and grading quantum homework. But, still, for a period of at least several minutes, I intended to broadcast to twitter about flossing my teeth.

To make things worse, I'm now blogging about it.

If I look behind me and downwards, I can see the shark.

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Who has bigger legs, Minny Mouse or Don Juan?

May 10 2009 Published by under Gratuitous

Logic clearly dictates that the knees of the Minny outweigh the knees of the Juan.

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A slight overreaction

Dec 23 2007 Published by under Gratuitous

I bemoan the overcommercialization of Christmas as much as anyone, but I think that perhaps this reaction is a bit on the extreme side.

Update 2007-12-25 : Jennifer Jacquet at Shifting Baselines has drummed up a picture.

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