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Grumpy Cat Plays Scrabble

Jul 14 2013 Published by under Gratuitous, Kitties!, Random & Gratuitous


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My reaction (as student & teacher) to "let's have class outside!"


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3 Sleepy Kitties

Dec 20 2007 Published by under Kitties!

It's my blog, and I can post gratuitous cat pictures if I want to!


Left to Right : Harry Boxlee, Buttercup, and Zeus.

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May 25 2007 Published by under Kitties!

There has been this Internet meme around for quite some time now: LOLcats (which has also been summarized on BoingBoing).

Freaky cat person that I am, I have been remiss in not participating. I seek to remedy that now.




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A One-Parameter Model of Rob Knop

Mar 08 2007 Published by under Kitties!

A friend (Deepto Chakrabarty, former housemate, and as such one who would understand) pointed me to this comic.

To first order, that is a complete description of my behavior.

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