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Write us up in Wikipedia!

Jul 26 2007 Published by under About the Blog

Hey, all of y'all's, go head forth to Wikpedia's entry, and make it as good as you can.

Please say nice things about me. PZ just announced on his blog that people should go and edit the site, and I hate to think what it will say about me if his primary readership is all that contribute....

Well, OK, you can say mean things about me if they're true. No flamewars, though! That's not appropriate on Wikipedia. More important, though, is to get accurate stuff about the whole site and the whole collection of bloggers there. There's a bunch of stuff in the "discussion" page that was written previously. (My entry in the discussion page is blank, by the way.).

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On the road

Jun 27 2007 Published by under About the Blog

I will be on the road for the next 3 days, so you are unlikely to hear from me.

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Blog break

May 09 2007 Published by under About the Blog

I'm going to take a week and a half or so off. More posts after I'm back.

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No, really, it's true! New ScienceBloggers!

Apr 30 2007 Published by under About the Blog

Everybody welcome Mark Hoofnagle and Chris Hoofnagle (probably not their real names) of Denialism who are here to spread more of the commonly accepted lies about the truth of evolution, the Big Bang, gravity, 2+2=4, etc., that we in the scientific establishment spend so much time trying to pull as wool over the eyes of the unwashed masses.

A couple of posts are up already, and allow me to recommend A Unified Theory of the Crank. Anybody with a moderately popular science blog has seem some of these. Cosmic Variance, indeed, has a whole posse of cranks who follow them around. The American Astronomical Society even had a crank presenter this last January. Check it out; their post has a number of phenomenological features of the crank that many of us in science have casually observed.

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And So It Begins

Feb 21 2007 Published by under About the Blog

Hello everybody! This is the new home of Galactic Interactions. To those of you who have not heard of me before, you can find older posts at my blog's former location.

I'm an assistant professor of Physics & Astronomy at Vanderbilt University who is still learning how to keep his mouth shut. Or, rather, not learning, hence the blog (among other things). My favorite things to blog about are astronomy and astronomy education & outreach. Every so often, I will get a bee in my bonnet and attempt to explain some concept or another from astronomy, Physics or cosmology. However, I will also rant on about science in culture, the conflict between science and religion (and the places where there not need be so much of a conflict as there is), "free culture" issues... and about the despair of being on the tenure track without adequate funding, and the assumption of impending doom that results.

I'm looking forward to my new role as a science blogger at, and feel honored to be among the august company that is the other bloggers on this site.

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